Assorted Sub

[popup_anything id=”7595″] ASSORTED SUB The one and only flavour-packed classic, made with all RWA meats you can feel good about. Salami, black forest ham, luncheon meat, cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and our signature ’68 Sub Sauce. It’s our most popular sub for a reason. Sm 390 Cals | Lrg 780 Cals [popup_anything id=”8499″]

Veggie and Cheese

VEGGIE AND CHEESE Sure to deliver a distinctly crisp and feel-good flavour. Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, our signature ’68 Sub Sauce and topped off with your choice of additional fresh veggies.Sm 280 Cals | Lrg 560 Cals

Ham Sub

[popup_anything id=”7595″] HAM SUB A tried-and-true favourite you’ll hog for yourself. RWA black forest ham layered with cheese, fresh lettuce and tomatoes then drizzled with our signature ’68 Sub Sauce. Sm 300 Cals | Lrg 600 Cals [popup_anything id=”8499″]

Pizza Sub

[popup_anything id=”7595″] PIZZA SUB All the pizza flavour you love rolled into a sub. RWA salami, pizza sauce, cheese and your choice of toppings. This one’s anything but flat. Sm 350 Cals | Lrg 700 Cals [popup_anything id=”8499″]